A commentary on album “my tiny days”

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We’ll release Sayaka Inoue’s album “my tiny days” on 21 February and so we’ll show you song commentaries. Please enjoy listening to this album on Spotify, Apple music and so on.

Song commentaries

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1. Baka
Everyone lives with grief, anxiety, and disappointment. Once someone throws you a gentle word, Maybe the word hurts you or makes you deeper insecure. This music may be going to ease your pain.

2. Sumikkozoku
This is a ballad song with piano arrangement. “隅っこ(Sumikko)” means “a corner position” and “族(Zoku)” is “a tribe” in Japan. Not everyone is sociable and eager to stand out. Sometimes you want to be alone and enjoy your world but you might not call for “leave me alone!” to Everyone. This is a song which sings about such feelings.

3. Yozora no lullaby
Midnight calm is a profound melody for the weary. It will heal you gently and you can find your peacefulness. This song will relax your mind so I recommend listening to this music to you at night.

4. Kitsunebi
This song describes a married couple who want to live together for a long time. They pledge eternal love in a shrine with a sacred and crisp atmosphere. In the song title “Kitsunebi”, “Kitsune” represents a fox. Fox means good harvest and happy life in Japan. Also this song uses traditional Japanese instruments “Shakuhachi” and “Bells” and they play an important role in this song. Please enjoy this song with a refreshing tone in the hot summer.

5. Senko-hanabi
The song is a ballad featuring a piano; the title “Senko-hanabi” means “sparklers” in Japan. It is very touching because it also reminds of a person’s life.
Please enjoy this song at the end of this summer.

6. tiny days
This is a J-pop with organ. The song depicted a girl looking forward to dating her boyfriend tomorrow. She thinks of him everywhere, but in the same way there are many small events that make you happy in life. Stacks of “tiny days” create your wonderful life! Please enjoy this song with a lovely tone this autumn.

7. Damekamo
This is a  ballad song with piano. Once you are on the brink of disappointment in your lifetime, you’ll feel a deep sadness. But you can overcome those difficulties over and over. This song describes such situations. When it’s hard, please listen to this music. This  will give you motivation.

8. Mayonaka no radio
Late at night, listen to the radio and soak into that world, the radio shows are filled with lots of laughter and fuss, and music sounds. It’s just a secret time for me, and it’s just about you. The song is a work that depicts such a situation and features an organ. Please listen to this song at midnight and soak it.

9. Aishiteta
It’s a ballad song on the piano. This song describes a pleasant life with his previous wife,
Looking back, it was sweet but painful, too. And even now, it keeps leaving complex feelings in your mind. Subtle feelings that can’t be caught in science as well.
Please listen to this song in blue.

10. Kaze
You will definitely want to listen to your lover’s favorite music and also read a favorite book. Because by doing so, you can share the lover’s emotion. You should want to have something in common with your sweetheart. That’s how it is with love. Even when you catch a slight cold from your partner, you will feel the same emotion. This song describes such feelings with a ballad song on the piano. Please listen to this song with your lover.

A commentary on album “my tiny days”

The album consists of ten digital singles released in 2021. Sayaka Inoue has continued to depict her feelings in “my tiny days”. When she felt sad, disappointed or happy, she always made songs. Writing a song is the only means to explode herself to her. This album consists of simple arrangement songs with piano or organ so you can feel like she speaks to you. Not in time with many people, but in time alone, listen to these songs.

Sayaka Inoue
Sayaka Inoue
"my tiny days" jacket photo
Album “my tiny days”